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Beef Sausage Seasoning

Beef Sausage Seasoning

Store bought sausage just can’t compare to a good homemade sausage. Beef sausage just happens to be my favorite. I live in pork county and when it comes just about anything that’s BBQ beef, it’s rare and usually not very good. although I have to admit I’ve had some outstanding pork and deer sausages. Good beef sausage doesn’t require a long list of ingredients to be good. In fact, my experience has been less is more.

The cut you use is important. I have tried many different cuts of beef trying to find a sausage that reminds me of home but something is always missing or off as far as texture. Mixing it with pork butt defeats the purpose. I always avoided brisket because I read a couple places that the fat wasn’t good for sausage making. Wish I would have ignored that advice and tried it before writing it off.

As I said before, the cut is important. Please keep in mind that this post isn’t meant to teach you how to make sausage but just the seasoning recipe. I may write a sausage making post in the future. When I want to make beef sausage I get a whole brisket and I separate the point from the flat. I lightly trim the flat to give it uniform shape and thickness and put that trim with the point. That right there provides the needed meat for this recipe. Enjoy!


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  1. Cut your beef into cubes that will fit into your grinder and chill in freezer until meat just starts to freeze.
    Raw brisket cubed
  2. Grind with a coarse grinding plate.
    Raw brisket ground
  3. Beef sausage spices
  4. Add spices and mix.
    Beef sausage mix
  5. Stuff into casings.
    Beef sausage stuffing
  6. Smoke with your favorite wood.
    Smoked Beef Sausage

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